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CPG marketing | CPG promotion

Consumer Promotions Strategy Guide

Consumer promotions are the backbone of CPG marketing. From brand awareness to product launches and seasonal sprees, a great promotion is what turns “...

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Brand Promotions | customer engagement

Consumer Trends for Holidays - Past, Present & Future [Infographic]

For brands and retailers, the holiday season is one of the few constants in the shopping calendar. Through pandemics and inflation, you can always rel...

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Receipt Data | Consumer Insights

Retail POS Data: The Key to Deeper Consumer Insights

Retail point of sale (POS) data is like an ocean. The surface is teeming with life and activity, but the deeper you go, the more interesting things yo...

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CPG promotion | Customer Promotions

CPG Consumer Sales Promotion: The 6 Steps of a Successful Launch

Sales promotions are one of your most reliable customer acquisition and loyalty tactics. A well-timed promotion incentivizes people to buy your produc...

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Brand Promotions | customer engagement

Cyber Monday - Tips for a Magnificent Monday [Infographic]

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest consumer shopping events of the year, even surpassing Black Friday.It's the perfect opportunity for brands and...

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CPG marketing | Customer Promotions

Why CPG Promotions and Contests are Key for your CPG Marketing Strategy

You know how competitive the CPG market is. 30,000 new products hit the shelves every year, adding to the already bewildering array of options custome...

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Digital Marketing | Customer Acquisition

9 Brilliant Black Friday Marketing Tips to Make This Year the Best Yet

Black Friday is one of the busiest and most profitable events in the retail calendar. What used to be a one-day event has evolved into a month-long ex...

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Gift with Purchase Marketing Campaigns Drive Sales & Connect Customers

The best things in life are free. And there’s no doubt about the power of a free gift in retail. In a recent study, 90% of shoppers said they're more ...

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Retail marketing | Customer Promotions

Increase Retail Sales with These 7 In-Store Promotions

Every retailer in every industry knows the value of a good in-store promotion. Over the years, enterprising brands and retailers have devised innovati...

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SnippWin (Contests and Promos) | brand engagement

4 Ways Marketing Can Boost Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Whether it’s sharing reviews on social media, using AI-powered chatbots to solve problems, or participating in contests and promotions on smartphones,...

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Shopper Marketing | Consumer Data

22 Facts You Should Know About Millennial Moms [Infographic]

As a generation, Millennials are now the most populous (surpassing Baby Boomers), diverse,highest spending generation in America’s history comprising ...

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Sweepstakes | Brand Promotions

The Anatomy of a Sweepstakes Promotion (Infographic)

Sweepstakes are the perfect promotion for retailers and brands that want to raise brand awareness, acquire and engage customers, and increase sales.

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Shopper Marketing | customer engagement

4 Shopper Marketing Examples to Inspire your Next Campaign

There’s a fine balance between success and failure in shopper marketing. A campaign can make pop culture history for the right or wrong reasons. See t...

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Loyalty Rewards | Loyalty Marketing

How to Attract Customers (And Keep Them) Like the Pros

Attracting customers is the goal of every marketer. And if you’re a small brand, it’s hard to get the budget and the clout to replicate the tactics of...

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customer engagement | Customer Activation

5 Things Your Customer Activation Strategy Needed Yesterday

It costs up to 7 times more to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. You know it. We know it. That's why you need a customer activation ...

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Marketing Technology | Customer Acquisition

[Infographic] 5 Ways to Acquire Gen Z Customers -without getting boring!

Gen Z represents over 30% of the global population - It’s time to put a fresh spin on your old Customer Acquisition Strategies for this cohort!

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Customer Acquisition

How Customer Acquisition Technology Elevates Your Marketing

Martech solutions are the best way to deliver exciting customer experiences at scale. Today we’re going to shine a spotlight on customer acquisition t...

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Consumer engagement | Contest Marketing

How to Win Customer Engagement with a Great Contest Marketing Strategy

Everyone’s a winner when your contest marketing strategy is on point. It turns short-term engagement and punch card loyalty into lasting brand relatio...

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