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SnippInsights enables you to tap into unprecedented purchase and behavioral customer data captured from first party shopping data, by SnippCheck – our market leading receipt processing engine, in POS devices and tied to your in-store promotions.
SnippInsights now brings you an advanced level of basket analysis including transcription, brand identification, and categorization of receipts. This advanced report helps make sense of complex consumer behaviors and purchase patterns at a product, brand & category level.
This extensive customer data analytics, summarized in interactive and dynamic reports, can be turned into actionable insights as well as helps measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, enabling intelligent advertising and marketing decision making.

Robust Feature Set for Powerful Analysis

Purchase behavior including qualifying SKU quantity and total spend

Reasons given if there are invalid receipts

Registration details from qualifying users

Sales behavior data – average spend, total basket spend, location data, retailers, time of day and day of the week

Downloadable reports in multiple formats

Customer service tool to allow your CS team to manage consumer relationships

Individual logins for your team members

Interactive data visualizations to allow easy manipulation of data


Advanced Basket Analysis – Highlights


Brand & Category Level Shopping Data:

Find out where, when and how your customers are shopping.



Know how much is your brand being purchased as a % of the total shopping basket.



Learn what competitive products/ brands your customers are purchasing. Are they buying your product/ brand along with your competition?


Retailer Breakdown:

Understand how the above metrics and insights differ amongst various retailers.


Personalization & Segmentation:

Derive insights from this data to enable customer segmentation for communication down to an individual level, to influence shopping behavior based on the aggregate metrics.



Discover brand and category level discounting trends.


Advantage to Brands


Access to some of the most reliable and detailed data direct from customer receipts


Gain in-depth business intelligence to create marketing strategies that use data to its fullest potential


Observe shopping patterns over time and location for hyper-targeting and custom personalization


Obtain a competitive advantage by seeing how demand for your products compares


Identify opportunities for coalition programs


Easy to understand visualizations of complex data


Robust Feature Set for Powerful Analysis

Campaign Overview:

Key campaign metrics including users and submissions, broken down by source

Item Purchase Details:

Comprehensive listing of products purchased for each valid processed receipt


Displays exception source address, link to receipt image and exception comment

Incomplete User Report:

Detailed listing of incomplete users with total submissions and last submission date

Invalid Receipts:

Detailed listing of invalid receipts with receipt image links and invalid reasons

Invalid Submissions & Reasons:

Aggregate count of invalid submissions grouped by each invalid reason

Other Reporting Metrics:

Demographics: by age and gender and Receipt Submission: by web, email, mobile upload, API

Transcription Services:

Transcription of 1000 receipts with data visualizations


Available Across Our Entire Product Suite


Snipp Insights Product Features

Sales behavior data including average spend, total basket spend, location data, retailers, time of dayand day of the week
Purchase behavior including qualifying SKU quantity and total spend
Invalid receipt reasons
Qualifying user registration details
Customer service tool to allow your CS team to handle the relationship with your consumers
Discrete logins to accommodate deactivation of accounts as needed
Powered by SnippCheck (Promotions, Rebates and Loyalty only)
Campaign Overview Report
Item Purchase Details Report
Products Purchased Report
Qualified Registration Data

Interactive data visualizations to allow for easy manipulation of data

  • Overview
  • Products
  • Stores
  • Products by Stores
  • Receipt Source
  • Receipt Geography
  • Bubble Chart
  • Invalid Receipts

Transcription Services: Transcription of 1000 receipts and data visualizations including:

  • Average Discount per Receipt
  • Basket Size (Number of Items)
  • Receipt Total & Average Values
  • Basket Penetration by Items
Up to 3 pre-defined rewards or Standard SnippRewards Store
Full Basket Analysis with Product Categorization

Harness the Power of Data

See how you can turn first-party data into actionable insights with our innovative receipt processing and shopper analytics tools.
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