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Activation | customer engagement

5 Things Your Customer Activation Strategy Needed Yesterday

It costs up to 7 times more to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. You know it. We know it. That's why you need a customer activation ...

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demographic profile | GenZ

[Infographic] 5 Ways to Acquire Gen Z Customers -without getting boring!

Gen Z represents over 30% of the global population - It’s time to put a fresh spin on your old Customer Acquisition Strategies for this cohort!

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SnippWin (Contests and Promos) | SnippCheck (Receipt Processing)

Why You Need to Use Sweepstakes, Contests & Promotions in Customer Acquisition

“Better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold” Brands have used sweepstakes, contests, and promotions to attract and delight customers for over 100 ye...

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Customer Acquisition

How Customer Acquisition Technology Elevates Your Marketing

Martech solutions are the best way to deliver exciting customer experiences at scale. Today we’re going to shine a spotlight on customer acquisition t...

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Contests | Consumer engagement

How to Win Customer Engagement with a Great Contest Marketing Strategy

Everyone’s a winner when your contest marketing strategy is on point. It turns short-term engagement and punch card loyalty into lasting brand relatio...

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Consumer engagement

6 Successful Customer Engagement Examples (with Insights & Takeaways)

Successful customer engagement marketing strategies lead to great returns through long-term brand advocacy. So, to help you get inspired for your next...

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Data Analysis

6 Powerful Uses of Customer Engagement Data

Data analysis skills are as important to marketers today as any marketing skills. Data has become the fuel of marketing success, and everyone talks ab...

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Consumer engagement

How to Measure Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the oil that powers the marketing machine. And as any wildcatter will tell you, you don’t get a gusher if you can’t tap the wel...

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customer engagement

Do Your Martech Tools Really Improve Customer Engagement?

If you’re in the market for martech tools, start with two simple questions: What do consumers want? And what do your marketing teams want? With the an...

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Consumer engagement | Consumer Data

Leveraging Mar-Tech to Drive Enhanced Customer Experience with advanced Personalization & Segmentation

Mario Invernizzi, VP Sales EMEA at Snipp Interactive presented at the Customer Engage Summit in London on "Leveraging Mar-Tech toDrive Enhanced Custom...

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Receipt Processing | Basket Data

[Infographic] Receipt Data - A Marketing Gold Mine

The simple store receipt is one of the most powerful marketing tools a brand has at their disposal. Receipts contain a wealth ofincomparable data on s...

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Sweepstakes | Digital Marketing

8 Ways to Use Sweepstakes in Your Marketing Campaigns

Sweepstakes Marketing is a great consumer promotion that engages your loyal customers or drum up awareness with new ones! Since an estimated 55 millio...

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Data Insights | Receipt Data

Driving Customer Engagement & Retention by Collecting First Party & Zero Party Data

One major driver of customer engagement and retention is continuously providing value—and having customer data to understand what they want and need i...

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Loyalty Platform | Consumer Data

6 Steps to Personalization in a Post Cookie World [Infographic]

Considerations for brands looking toleverage data, analytics and technology to deliver highly personalizedcommunication and offerings to customers

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Rewards | Loyalty Rewards

Rewards Trends: Providing Incentives for Engaged Customers That Work

Customer incentive programs or customer reward programs are meant to motivate customers to become repeat buyers—but the best incentive strategies moti...

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Receipt Processing | Rewards

2021 Trends in the Beauty Industry Every CPG Brand Needs to Know

With shopping habits and preferences changing—during and post-pandemic—consumer expectations for beauty brands are also changing. Digital try-on exper...

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Loyalty Platform | CPG Loyalty

5 Customer Retention Tactics for Your Multichannel Customer Loyalty Programs

It’s a well-known fact that retaining existing customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones. But after a year of lockdowns and slowdowns, the usu...

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Back to school | Seasonal Promotions

Don’t Get Schooled: 3 Lessons in Back To School Promotions

The second largest retail season that should not be overlooked is Back to School shopping. On average, K-12 parents spend around $700 in July and Augu...

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