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Snipp Interactive and Triple llc Announce Partnership

The partnership will deliver innovative CPG funded, SKU-level, grocery cash-back offers on credit/debit card reward programs and open a brand new, shopper-marketing advertising channel. Read More

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What is a Payments Media Network?

Click here to learn the basics of a Payments Media Network and how it operates, leveraging digital media assets and audiences of banks!


Snipp Payments Media Network

SnippMedia's Payments Media Network is an advertising network across banks’ digital channels. Bank partners promote CPG sku-level offers to their cardholders who earn cash back and loyalty points. 

How it Works

Snipp Payments Media Network Flow

Market Leading Receipt Processing Platform

1,000,000,000 +


10,000,000 +


1,000,000 +


10,000 +


1000 +




Benefits for Brands

  • Reach millions of shoppers targeted based on purchase-level behavioral targeting 

  • Gain incremental customers ready to try new products 

  • Increase average purchase size and frequency for regular customers 

  • Use first party data insights to better understand consumer trends and behavior 

  • Results-based pricing that minimizes media waste

Benefits for Consumers

  • Help stretch budgets with brand-funded cashback deals 
  • Easy to find and save promotions before each trip to the store 
  • Get cashback or rewards for products they regularly buy or to try new options 
  • Seamless cashback or reward processing through their credit card

Benefits for Banks

  • Increase Card Usage and drive top of wallet status – reward customers for everyday purchases​ 
  • SKU-level Brand and merchant funded rewards for grocery, convenience and pharmacy stores​
  • Leverage SKU-level CPG marketing budgets  
  • Integrate into existing loyalty or CLO solutions 
  • Secure item level purchase data.  Not just where your cardholders buy but know what they buy

Benefits for Retailers

  • Ideal audience extension for retailers seeking to scale their Retail Media Network
  • Reach millions of shoppers targeted based on shopping history and geography
  • Access to shopper insights to optimize marketing and gauge competitive landscape 

Brand Funded Rewards (BFR)

SnippMedia's BFR platform is powered by SnippCheck, our CLO & Receipt Processing OCR solution, a market-leading CPG promotion and loyalty tool that validates more than 500,000 consumer redemptions a month for more than 200 CPG brands, globally. 

Our Payments Media Network supports all forms of in-store campaign structures, including any other customized program that is required.


Individual product

Buy product X and earn rewards/cash


Buy any xyz brand product and earn reward


Buy any paper/beauty/ produce/etc and earn reward

Private label

Individual, brand, category-wide


Earn on everything, except xyz individual/ brand/ category

Vendor shopper marketing programs


Offer Redemption Solutions


Consumer links SKU level BFR’s to their enrolled card and redeems the offer(s) in-store.

Receipt Processing

The original inbound platform with solutions in marketing, sales & customer service.
SnippMedia BFR 1

Receipt Processing + OCR Technology

SnippMedia BFR 3

Large CPG & Retail  Client Base

SnippMedia BFR 4

Seamless Technology Integration for Enhanced CX

SnippMedia BFR 5

Data Management & Simplified Data Flow


Reach the Right Audience, at the Right Time

Access an untapped audience of over 70 million shoppers and get your products in front of your ideal customers with our payments media network.
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