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Charm Your Customers with these Valentine’s Day Promotion Examples

Idealists say it’s the most romantic day of the year; cynics call it a Hallmark holiday. Whatever your point of view, one thing’s for sure: B2C brands...

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CPG promotion

Unleashing Success in Pet Care Marketing: 6 Key Commands

From Yves Saint Laurent dog dishes to Gucci leashes, pets are getting the A-list treatment! As they transition from backyard buddies to beloved family...

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Seasonal Promotions

Reinvent Your New Year Promotions: Ideas and Examples

New Year is all about new beginnings. It’s a time for introspection. As the year draws to a close, we like to reflect and take stock. We think about t...

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Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing: Game On - 7 Powerful Moves for Your Company

The North American sports market is on a winning streak, poised to hit $83 billion in 2023. The industry is not just surviving; it's thriving, with di...

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B2B relationships | B2B incentive

Optimizing B2B Channel Partner Incentives: Six Best Practices You Need to Know

In an uncertain economic climate, B2B partnerships have emerged as the unsung heroes of business growth and corporate financial resilience. Shining a ...

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Customer Promotions

6 Holiday Marketing Strategies To ‘Sleigh’ The Competition

The 2023 holiday season is shaping up to be a mixed (gift) bag of discounts, savvy spending, and shifts in consumer behavior. From bustling US malls t...

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Sweepstakes | Consumer Promotions

How to Run Sweepstakes that Work for You and Your Customers

Among all the promotions available to brands and retailers, sweepstakes rank among the most popular. Done well, they offer an effective and scalable w...

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Customer Promotions

Reinventing Beauty: 6 Transformative Strategies for Your Cosmetics Marketing

Welcome to the new era of beauty, where lipstick meets lotion, and mascara mingles with moisturizer! In the vibrant post-pandemic world, the cosmetics...

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Sweepstakes | Digital Marketing

8 Ways to Use Sweepstakes Marketing in Your Campaigns

Sweepstakes marketing is a great consumer promotion tactic that engages loyal customers and drums up awareness with new ones. Digital sweepstakes are ...

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Sweepstakes | Customer Acquisition

Consumer Sweepstakes Advantages: How to Attract and Engage Customers

Brands have used sweepstakes and contests to attract and delight customers for the last 100 years. Whether it's a standalone campaign to boost engagem...

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Back to school | Customer Promotions

5 Back-to-School Marketing Ideas to Make the Grade this Season!

With school doors expected to swing open soon, back-to-school shopping is stepping into the retail spotlight! This shopping season, which runs from mi...

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Sweepstakes | Brand Promotions

Sweepstakes Spotlight: Unlocking the Best Sweepstakes Examples

As an effective marketing technique, sweepstakes have long been utilized by major brands to engage their target audiences, grow their CRM databases, e...

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Brand Promotions | Contest Marketing

6 Contest Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Contests and promotions are tried and true tactics used to engage a company’s audience, acquire new customers, build awareness, drive purchases, or en...

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Treat Your Customers With These Halloween Marketing Ideas

Embrace the mystery, magic, and superstition of this spooky holiday. As the nights draw in and the days get colder, marketers have a great opportunity...

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5 Telecom Marketing Promotion Ideas and Examples Worth Phoning Home For

Standing out in the telecoms world can be tough.The emergence of innovative new players in the market, the relentless pace of technological innovation...

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Alcohol Industry | On-Premise

Alcohol Marketing Strategies: A Guide to Alcohol Promotions with Examples

What are some relevant alcohol marketing strategies for 2023? Alcohol marketing is the advertising and promotion of your company’s brand/portfolio wit...

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Gen Z Marketing | Consumer Insights

Inside The Gen Z Mind: Decoding the Purchase Habits of Gen Z

Snipp conducted"Inside the Gen Z Mind"survey with the goal of better understanding the American “Gen Z” or “Zoomer” generation’s consumer behaviors an...

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