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Incentivize and reward consumers with millions of digital and physical rewards, including music, movies, and experiences. Integrate reward options using an API or our white-labeled reward store.


Rewards, Rewards...and Rewards


Digital Rewards

Every digital reward you can dream of – music, movies, eBooks and more. Perfect for instantly rewarding your consumers; these rewards can be distributed via web, email and SMS.

  • Movies

  • Music

  • Gift Cards

  • Games

  • Magazines


Cash Back (SnippPay)

From PayPal to direct-to-card payments and BitCoin transfers, reward your consumers with cash in any payment form and in any currency.

  • Paypal
  • Pre-paid Reward Cards (Physical & Digital)
  • Physical and Digital checks


  • Bank Wire Transfers 

  • BitCoin Gift-Cards 

  • Stock-Ownership Gifts 


Movie Tickets (SnippTix)

SnippTix offers a range of possibilities, allowing you to reward your consumers with a trip to the movies with ultimate flexibility.

  • Online Movie Tickets
  • Physical Movie Ticket Vouchers
Data Rewards

Data Rewards

Add data directly to your consumer’s monthly plan with just a valid phone number. Powered by the largest cellular data providers in the nation.

  • Direct-to-consumers monthly plan
  • Mobile data top up


Support the causes you or your consumers care about while eliminating the months of leg work often required for adding a charity to your program.



Tie your brand to a unique service or experience and establish a more personal connection with your consumer. You think it, we’ll create it!

  • Customized Travel Experiences – Cruises, Tickets, Hotels
  • Education
  • Sporting Events

Gift-Cards & Coupons

Snipp enables you to harness the power of gift-cards and coupons to boost sales and loyalty,  through online and offline channels; assisting in the design, management and execution.

  • Over 1,000 unique Digital & Physical Gift Cards (Retailers & Named Brands)
  • Mail-to-Home coupons
  • Secure print-at-home coupons
Physical Rewards

Physical Rewards

A vast array of physical items (including adding brand logos of goods like X-Box or Apple into your creative/promotional material), as well as tailored solutions to fit fulfillment seamlessly into your program. Snipp’s decades of experience in custom printing and fulfillment enables you to run any type of reward you can dream of.

  • Branded Tchotchke items
  • Custom Physical Fulfillment
  • Thousands of popular items – any of today’s most popular electronic items, including X-Box, Amazon Echo, and Beats by Dre

Implementing SnippRewards



SnippRewards Platform

Flexible, turnkey microsite for full functional rewards delivery.


API Integration

Technology solutions that allow you to integrate SnippRewards seamlessly into infrastructure.

Platform Overview

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Easy Download

Easy Download

Cross Promotional Ad Banners

Cross Promotional Ad Banners


Easily Customized Rewards & Content

Key Benefits

Rewards for Any Customer

Integrated with Other Snipp Solutions

Pre-Licensed Content

Integrated Content to be a Single Source Reward Provider

Fully Turnkey White-Labeled Microsite

Self-Serve or Managed Service as Neede

SnippRewards Cases

Data Rewards as an Incentive

Demographic Testing

Rebate Solutions

Digital Rewards Promotions


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