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    As global concerns about health and hygiene evolve, the home cleaning industry is experiencing significant changes. The pandemic prompted a major pendulum swing in our cleaning habits, during which time harsh chemicals perfumed our interiors and we liberally sprayed packages and surfaces with disinfectant. But over the past year, we've arrived at a new equilibrium – one that balances caution with sustainability, and cleanliness with wellness. The home cleaning industry is trying to find its footing in this revised landscape, where household cleaning products are expected to do more than just sanitize and remove dirt: consumers expect them to also serve as agents of well-being for their homes, personal lifestyles, and the broader environment. To that end, we are witnessing a huge shift towards being ‘green’ at home, with non-toxic items occupying more space in cleaning cabinets. This increase in demand for eco-friendly cleaning products, coupled with more stringent regulations, is set to spur more innovation in the market. But as these changes affect the home cleaning industry, brands will also have to contend with the macroeconomic environment’s enduring effect on consumers’ spending, with historically high inflation impacting prices and household budgets. To give brands and retailers a ‘crystal clear’ view of the home cleaning industry, we've polished up a fresh analysis of some pivotal trends and offered up some marketing strategies to consider!

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    Home Cleaning Industry Statistics: US & Europe

    The US and European home cleaning markets are expanding, with natural products leading the charge…

    • The US home cleaning market is forecasted to reach US$31.31bn in 2023, with an anticipated yearly increase of 2.71% from 2023-2028. The natural household cleaners segment is set to quadruple this growth rate, with a projected 10.9% increase.
    • The European home cleaning market is estimated to reach US$45.72bn in 2023 with an annual growth of 3.40% from 2023 to 2028. The growth of natural household cleaners in Europe is set to triple this level, with a projected increase of 11.4%.

    …but prices in both regions have been impacted by supply-chain disruptions and record inflation.

    • Numerator's Price Pulse found US Household cleaning products went up 21.9% in 2022 and experienced growth nearly five times over the year.
    • In 2022, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for household cleaning products in the US reached a record high of approximately 139.73 points, marking a two-decade peak for this category since 2000.
    • Inflation in the EU tripled to a record 9.2% in 2022 from 2.9% in 2021, significantly impacting prices even this year due to increased input costs for brands:
      • In France, cleaning products rose by 13.73% at the start of 2023.
      • The UK saw cleaning products' prices skyrocket by 90% in supermarkets by June 2023.
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    Marketing For Home Cleaning: Effective Strategies For A Clean Sweep!

    In today's competitive retail landscape, there’s a lot that brands and retailers can do to sway a shopper's decision. Research from PLMA on European consumers bears this out, as a whopping 66% scrutinize prices and hunt for bargains, 39% explore alternative brands, 26% inspect the packaging of competing brands, and 19% are on the lookout for innovation. For home cleaning brands aiming to make a splash, consider some of these marketing strategies to help sweep up the competition in the aisles!

    Empower Customers with Helpful Advice and Tips

    Let's face it, cleaning can be a daunting task. With 90% of Americans admitting to feeling anxious about tidying up their homes, it's clear that even the best of us - even Marie Kondo! - can find ourselves in sticky situations. But here lies an opportunity for brands to step in as trusted advisors. By offering handy tips, step-by step checklists, instructional videos, and innovative tips to guide overwhelmed customers, home cleaning brands can serve as helpful allies in turning stressful chores into achievable tasks.

    Unilever logo

    Create Information Hubs:
    Unilever effectively uses its website Cleanipedia as a marketing tool by offering consumers a wealth of information and inspiration on how to use their products. As a resource hub for top cleaning tips and tricks, Cleanipedia allows Unilever to demonstrate the practicality and effectiveness of their products in everyday cleaning, laundry, and home organization situations.


    Make Home Cleaning Entertaining on Social

    With the global rise of TikTok, cleaning videos have become hugely popular on social media, inspiring a growing number of brands to leverage these outlets to reach younger audiences. Gen Z'ers, in particular, are embracing staying home and cleaning as the “new going out,” as the engagement around videos of doing laundry, washing dishes, or even scrubbing toilets seems to indicate!


    TikTok is a Mecca for finding home cleaning solutions, with #CleanTok hitting nearly 68 billion collective views and “cleaning hacks” with roughly 11 billion views. From watching cleaning videos and tips provided by professional housekeepers to discovering innovative and simplifying cleaning products, users can’t seem to get enough bite-sized cleaning content!

    TikTok & unilever logo  

    Unilever has joined forces with TikTok to tap into the #CleanTok trend via an official #CleanTok hub where over 100 content creators will collaborate to serve up useful and entertaining cleaning content for their followers. According to Unilever, there has been a more than 63% year-on-year growth in the household cleaning category because of TikTok.


    A new wave of cleaning personalities is taking social media by storm, influencing millions of viewers with content that cleverly blends education with entertainment. Brands can tie up with these ‘cleanfluencers’ to leverage their followings.

    Auri Kananen  

    Auri Kananen, a 30-year-old Finn, has quickly become one of the world's most successful "cleanfluencers", traveling the globe hunting for "the dirtiest homes possible" to clean for free, and showing her 2.5 million+ followers how it’s done. In her upbeat videos, she dusts, scrubs, and sorts, wearing signature hot pink rubber gloves.


    Optimize Omnichannel Product Discovery

    The pandemic has supercharged the growth of omnichannel sales, with 22% of shoppers now blending in-store visits with prior online orders. A PYMNTS study reveals that while 35% of consumers buy most of their home cleaning supplies from brick-and-mortar stores, a growing 46% exclusively use eCommerce channels. This shift is driven by eCommerce's competitive pricing and door-to-door convenience, outpacing traditional retailers. As brands increasingly adopt this approach, it's crucial for them to invest in measures to increase product visibility online, and to avoid relying on one single channel for growth.

    Provide Enhanced Product Information

    A HingeGlobal study suggests that enriched product content, especially video, can significantly influence purchasing decisions, with 25% of consumers more likely to buy when presented with such content. Amazon also noticed a 5%-20% sales increase on pages featuring its "A+ Content". For home cleaning brands, providing personalizing product pages with detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and engaging videos is key.


    UK supermarket chain Sainsbury reported a 47% increase in interaction on product pages when showing 5 additional images and videos, showing that enhanced content goes a long way toward engaging customers.

    Embrace Transparent Labeling and Custom Attributes

    In an era where consumers are increasingly discerning about the ingredients they use, brands that provide clear labeling information are likely to gain more loyalty. Research shows that over half of shoppers are willing to pay a premium for products with easily understandable labels. And for online sales, the use of custom attributes is seeing traction among retailers as many consumers don’t search by brand anymore, they look for product attributes like ‘natural’, or ‘clean’. A NielsenIQ report revealed that 35% of retailers are incorporating custom attributes on their websites, up from 23% two years ago.


    Retailers like Target appeal to their customer's health and wellness concerns by labeling certain products as "clean". Target pins a green "clean" icon on more than 4,000 products online and in-store. It ties this initiative into its overarching Target Zero strategy for a zero-waste world.

    Leverage In-store Tech and Customer Analytics

    When cleaning products run low, it often results in a frantic dash to the store. Retailers can utilize previous purchase information and in-store tech to issue timely reminders via app alerts and flash promotions. This strategy serves not just as a useful nudge, but also enhances the overall shopping experience.


    Boost Subscription Loyalty With Improved Flexibility

    Direct-To-Consumer subscriptions have been transforming the home cleaning market by providing convenience, personalization, and cost savings – and DTC brands have been at the forefront of innovative sustainability initiatives. But as the pandemic sign-up wave gives way to consumers being more selective and wanting more control, subscription providers will need to enhance their business models to deliver more value. Consumers have already trimmed their subscriptions from an average of 4.1 in 2022 to roughly 2.9 as of Q1 2023. While emotional connections with a brand can go a long way in mitigating churn, enabling greater flexibility in how subscribers cancel, pause, replace or curate their selections is a great differentiator.


    Truly Free provides safe, non-toxic home cleaning product subscriptions delivered in refillable & sustainable packaging. To incentivize larger orders, the brand revamped its returns policy. Previously, returned orders incurred a restocking fee. Now, customers are encouraged to keep, regift, or donate their boxes, fostering goodwill and customer advocacy while ironically reducing costs.


    Create Thoughtful Value Promotions

    Amid inflation, consumers are gravitating towards promotional offers. According to Nielsen IQ, promotions contributed to 26.6% of CPG sales in 2023, sparking a trend among national brands with 47.2% increasing their promotional activities. However, relying heavily on discounts to boost market share is unsustainable. Brands should focus on amplifying the uplift from thoughtfully designed promotions, rather than just offering markdowns.

    Reckitt - Air Wick Spring Sweepstakes web  

    Sweeps to Drive Portfolio Sales at Key Retail Partners for Air Wick

    Reckitt's Air Wick aimed to boost sales and reward customers with an unforgettable trip to Yellowstone National Park. Snipp devised a program where customers spending $15 or more on Air Wick products could upload their receipts on a microsite to earn a $5 gift card and a chance to win a fully-paid, 7-day trip to Yellowstone! To further benefit retail partners Kroger and Target, customers shopping at these stores would receive a store-specific gift card to encourage additional purchases.

    Henkel Spring Cleaning 3.0 web  

    Cash Back Program to Drive Portfolio Sales for Henkel

    Henkel aimed to boost sales and increase their product portfolio's basket share. With Snipp’s help, they launched a 'Buy 3, Get 1 Free' campaign, where customers purchasing any three qualifying products could submit their receipt and receive an instant PayPal rebate for the lowest-priced item. The campaign was hosted on a bilingual (English and French) microsite managed by Snipp.


    Capitalize on Holidays and Seasonal Events

    Many people clean their homes primarily when expecting guests, with 26% doing so in anticipation of holidays and 22% on a seasonal basis. Social media buzz around tags like #Cleaning on TikTok typically surges during festive preparations and spring cleaning periods. Events like the Superbowl, which involve more cooking and entertaining, can also lead to increased cleaning, potentially boosting sales of household cleaning products. By creating seasonal and holiday-themed offers and content, home cleaning brands can enhance their visibility, attract new customers and increase engagement.

    Event-based Promotions

    Cleaning product brands can capitalize on key events by tying their products to the preparation and clean-up associated with these occasions.

    Coors light  Tide Cleaners (1)  

    Coors Light and Tide Cleaners teamed up last year to offer laundry services for college football enthusiasts. On Oct. 8, fans could drop off their laundry at selected bars, giving them more time to enjoy the game. This collaboration not only reinforced Coors  Light's reputation as a laid-back beer but also boosted Tide Cleaners' customer outreach in the post-pandemic era. By taking on America's least favorite chores - ironing and laundry - they aimed to keep fans relaxed and engaged with the game.

    Tap into Spring cleaning

    Spring season brings on the annual ritual of home cleaning and organizing. According to a study by the National Cleaning Institute, nearly three-quarters of Americans plan to spring clean at least once a year. Brands can tailor promotions and social engagement around the theme of Spring Cleaning, via hashtags and specialized web content like checklists and guides for major spring cleaning projects.

    Dream Technology Logo  

    Robot Vacuum brand Dreame Technology's Family Day 2023 was themed around spring cleaning and gave Southwest Europe a chance to win smart-cleaning products. In sync with their mission to empower through technology, Dreame offered giveaways in Germany, France, Spain, and the Benelux countries, where consumers could win products by liking and commenting on the brand’s Instagram post, tagging three people, and filling out a form on their landing page. Sharing the event using hashtags also doubled the chances of winning.

    Limited Edition Products

    Seasonality is a big part of the fragrance sector, and brands can leverage this in the household cleaning products market. Seasonal scents and limited-edition scents enable brands to experiment with new fragrances and can inspire consumer try-outs.


    Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day often releases limited edition scents to coincide with the changing seasons. For Fall, they have previously introduced scents like Iowa Pine, Lilac, and Acorn Spice. The 'Fall Leaves' scent has also been a popular choice, offering a warm, earthy aroma that perfectly captures the essence of the season.


    Showcase Brand Sustainability Efforts

    Customers today are voting with their wallets, eager to shell out more for green home cleaning products, according to a 2022 Blue Yonder survey. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram influence over half of these eco-purchases, while TikTok is the go-to for the 18-29 demographic. This presents a golden opportunity for brands to boost their bottom line by spotlighting their sustainability efforts, but they have to tread carefully as authenticity is key in this realm. Brands accused of ‘greenwashing’ can face severe backlash and long-lasting distrust.

    SCJP Logo  

    SC Johnson's Mr. Muscle has, through its long-term partnership with Plastic Bank, significantly contributed to keeping the oceans cleaner by recycling or reusing 40 million kilos of plastic-- equivalent to two billion plastic bottles. The brand has also funded nearly 380 collection centers across Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. In the UK, it even launched Mr. Muscle in 100% recycled plastic bottles. Having reached its recycled plastic packaging target four years early in 2021, the company now aims to use 25% post-consumer plastic in packaging by 2025.


    Reinvent Home Cleaning As An Act Of Wellness And Fun

    Home cleaning isn't just a chore - it's a mood booster, stress reducer, and even an exercise routine for many adults. According to a OnePoll survey, a whopping 80% of Americans gain a sense of control, accomplishment, motivation, and relief from a thorough clean. Marketers can tap into this sentiment, especially prevalent among young adults and parents, by rebranding cleaning as a wellness activity. Products infused with botanicals, fragrances, or essential oils can emphasize the therapeutic aspects of cleaning, catering to about half of users who prefer products with their favorite scents. Plus, eight in ten people even see it as a fun workout, especially when accompanied by their favorite tunes!


    Clorox is refreshing its image with a new brand platform, "Start Clean." This major revamp, the first since 2017, spotlights the essential role of cleanliness in both physical and mental well-being through TV spots, out-of-home placements, and social media. Clorox's consumer research reveals that 82% of Americans associate cleanliness with mental clarity, and 68% see it as a gateway to a fresh perspective. The brand is now positioning itself as a lifestyle ally, leveraging influencers on TikTok to share their "Start Clean" moments in daily life.


    Eco-friendly brand Arbour is redefining cleaning with a dash of fun, aiming to reach beyond traditional demographics. They're transforming the mundane task of cleaning into an adventure with playful activities, tunes, and clever hacks under the motto "more cheerful, less choreful". Its online presence has a "treehouse" section where customers can find Spotify "spraylists" to invigorate the process of everyday tasks.

    image-png-Aug-21-2023-10-26-58-7568-AM  Terms of Use - Dirt Is Good

    Unilever's Dirt Is Good (DIG) brand, known for its commitment to clean clothes and the benefits of messy play, launched an innovative campaign to reconnect tech-savvy kids with outdoor activities. They created a fake game trailer for the real-life game of tag. Game visuals, messaging, music, and gaming influencers with a combined reach of 10.2 million were all used to highlight the fact that in the end, real-life games deliver the biggest adrenaline rush. The campaign won Bronze at the 2022 Cannes Lions.

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    The home cleaning industry is already starkly different from its pre-pandemic state, and with the dawn of automation and 'smart' technologies, it's safe to say its future version won't bear much resemblance either. Now, more than ever, brands need to keep pace with these monumental changes, while also seizing the chance to craft a fresh narrative for their products. As cleaning evolves from a mundane chore into a wellness activity, and sustainability along with eco-sensitivity become central to product selection, it's crucial to resonate with consumers who prioritize their personal and environmental footprint and craft marketing strategies accordingly. And with price sensitivity remaining a major factor in household expenditures, brands that demonstrate a commitment to providing excellent value for money will not just earn consumer trust, but also their loyalty. In this era of unprecedented change, it's evident that the brands set to ‘shine’ are those that are innovative, agile, and customer-focused.


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