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    women in information technology | Uncategorized

    Women in Tech: An interview with Rosalynn Chong, Director of Engineering – Snipp Interactive

    An interview with Rosalynn Chong, Director of Engineering, Snipp Interactive – by Megan Prikhodko, COO, Snipp Interactive “If you can find something t...

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    Power of Social | Trends

    What is Social Selling

    Social Selling has been an interesting topic of conversation recently with many companies adopting social selling strategies into their sales models. ...

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    White Paper | Mobile Receipt Processing

    Shopper Marketing Tech: 2018 Trends

    “The Retail Apocalypse”. The mere mention of these foreboding words summons images of doom and gloom for the industry at large. But is the in-store la...

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    Apparel Industry Guide | White Paper

    Trending Digital Marketing Solutions for the Apparel Industry

    THE APPAREL INDUSTRY has been facing some seismic shifts. For one, Americans are spending less and less on clothing. In1977, clothing accounted for 6....

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    Mobile Receipt Processing | Shopper Marketing

    Why visit us at the 2018 Path to Purchase Expo?

    Simply… for your best opportunity to discoverinnovativedisruptive marketing programs that can generate insights, drive sales, basket size, consumer en...

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    Shopper Marketing | Webinar

    Snipp Webinar! Increasing In-Store Engagement with Relevant Alerts

    Not yet mastered the art of increasing your consumer in-store engagement? We are here to help!

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    eCommerce | Brand Loyalty

    Customer Loyalty Program Trends Brands Need to Know About

    As a technology vendor in the promotions and loyalty space, we are exposed to exciting ideas across a wide range of brands in the retail marketing spa...

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    HR | snipp news

    Snipp – A Virtual Culture Across the Globe 

    One of the questions I receive most often by interviewing candidates, clients, and business partners is how we craft a culture given our semi-virtual ...

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    brand tactics | SnippRebates

    Alcohol Marketing Strategies Including On-premise & Brand Tactics

    On-premise spaces remain the holy grail of Alcohol sales and alcbev marketing across many brands and sales environments. On-premise sales allow for de...

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    White Paper | Home Cleaning Industry

    Cleaning Up in the Home Care Industry

    IT’S A WHOLE NEW GAME in consumer packaged goods as brand loyalty is taking a backseat to price and convenience.Cleaning products, however, are dealin...

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    Sweepstakes | Drive sales

    Getting Into The Spirit: How Halloween Marketer’s Can Win This “Boo”ming Season

    Trick or treat! Three words that probably would never spend time in the same sentence if not for one famous holiday. Halloween continues to remain a v...

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    Data Collection | Receipt Processing

    What’s In Your Basket: What Are Your Shoppers Buying, Anyway?

    Our “What’s In Your Basket?” series is designed to show knowledge-hungry brands the possibilities at the intersection of data and technology. From dee...

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    Loyalty | wedding marketing

    Tying the Knot with Consumers: The Evolving Landscape of Wedding Registries

    Magic is in the air as the wedding season fast approaches, and the retail industry for the inevitable boom. Big changes shape the shopping landscape, ...

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    Brand Promotions | Loyalty

    Promotions Fun in the Sun – A Guide to Summer Promotions

    The doldrums of winter now seem like a distant memory. Every day gets a little bit warmer, and before you know it, summer will be in full swing. For b...

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    White Paper | Digital Marketing

    2018 Digital Prescriptions for the OTC Pharma Market

    OTC MARKETING is skyrocketing. With the rising cost of health care, more and more American consumers are turning to ‘self care’ options, buoying a mar...

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    loyalty trends | Loyalty Programs

    Loyalty Expo 2018 – See Snipp in Action!

    Are you as ready for Loyalty Expo 2018 as we are? Sunny Orlando has never looked brighter, and at this point, we’re just a few short weeks away from d...

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    Planning for Mother's Day

    With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, it’s hard not to look forward to flowers, breakfast in bed, and that warm fuzzy feeling – regardless of wheth...

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    Simplify Center of Store For a Better 2018

    Center of store is one of the most complex arenas that brands can compete in. Aisles are seeing more competition from brands of all shapes and sizes, ...

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