Clock icon 1 min read Calendar icon Nov 27, 2023

Retail Perch Podcast Featuring Snipp Interactive's Tom Burgess


We’re happy to have been featured on the Retail Perch Podcast hosted by Shekar Raman, CEO of Birdzi and Gary Hawkins, CEO of Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART). The podcast focuses on retail tech, supermarket analysis, and insights into everything retail grocery and AI.

In this episode, the duo interviews Tom Burgess, President of Snipp Media. Shekar, Gary, and Tom engage in a conversation spanning topics such as Payments Media Network (and the data underlying it), the synergy between banking and retail data for shoppers, Tom's adventures sailing across the globe, and a variety of other intriguing subjects. You can watch or listen below!


We hope you enjoyed the episode. Learn more about Snipp's Payments Media Network here.