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Spring Cleaning Marketing: 5 Campaign Ideas for a Clean Sweep!


As a home cleaning brand, now’s the time to plan your spring cleaning marketing campaigns. Get ready to equip your customers to clean out the clutter and dust in preparation for a great summer!

We’ve come prepared to offer some spring cleaning marketing ideas. But before we do, here are some of the trends that we see changing the home cleaning market:

  • Smart home cleaning technologies are on the rise: We’re a gadget-loving society and home cleaning is no different. The trend includes interest in robotic vacuums to AI-enabled washers and dryers to ChatGPT-enabled smart appliances.
  • Sustainability continues to be important: Consumers expect more eco-friendly products and, in many cases, they’re willing to pay up for it.
  • The merging of personal care and home care: There’s a move away from industrial-grade chemicals towards ingredients that are healthier and more pleasant - drawing inspiration from the personal care and beauty segments. Cleaning products are being transformed into lifestyle products, better for the user and for the planet.
  • The growth of private labels: With inflationary price hikes, there’s been a shift towards private and own-label items in a bid to save money in certain product categories. Private label products, which offer an average savings of 13% versus national brands, have seen 5% growth in 2023.

With those trends as background, here are five Spring Cleaning Marketing Plays for your brand to consider in 2024:

1) Focus on helpful content

90% of Americans admit to feeling some anxiety about home cleaning, so that creates a big opportunity for your brand to be the trusted advisor. Offer checklists, helpful videos, checklists and how-to’s to help your customers succeed in the spring!

Brand Example: Unilever's Cleanipedia

Unilever has joined forces with TikTok to tap into the #CleanTok trend via an official #CleanTok hub where over 100 content creators will collaborate to serve up useful and entertaining cleaning content for their followers. According to Unilever, there has been a more than 63% year-on-year growth in the household cleaning category because of TikTok.

2) Make Spring Cleaning fun!

Cleaning videos on social media are hugely popular. Leverage sites like TikTok to reach out to younger audiences, who are embracing stay at home and cleaning lifestyles. Also, a new wave of influencers is taking social media by storm. Tie up with these “cleanfluencers’ to reach their followers.

Cleanfluencer example: Auri Kananen  


Auri Kananen, a 30-year-old Finn, has quickly become one of the world's most successful "cleanfluencers", traveling the globe hunting for "the dirtiest homes possible" to clean for free, and showing her 2.5 million+ followers how it’s done. In her upbeat videos, she dusts, scrubs, and sorts, wearing signature hot pink rubber gloves.

3) Use thoughtful promotions to attract consumers 

Relying on discounts to boost market share is an unsustainable strategy. Instead, utilize sweeps or contests that offer relevant rewards to generate interest from your target audience.

Brand example: Air Wick Scents of Adventure

Reckitt - Air Wick Spring Sweepstakes web

Sweeps to Drive Portfolio Sales at Key Retail Partners for Air Wick
Reckitt's Air Wick aimed to boost sales and reward customers with an unforgettable trip to Yellowstone National Park. Snipp devised a program where customers spending $15 or more on Air Wick products could upload their receipts on a microsite to earn a $5 gift card and a chance to win a fully-paid, 7-day trip to Yellowstone! To further benefit retail partners Kroger and Target, customers shopping at these stores would receive a store-specific gift card to encourage additional purchases.

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4) Showcase your brand’s sustainability efforts

Customers are more willing to shell out for green home cleaning products. Social platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook can help influence these eco-purchases. Consider combining your sustainability messages with a related promotion to get more engagement!

Brand Example: SC Johnson's Mr. Muscle


SC Johnson's Mr. Muscle has, through its long-term partnership with Plastic Bank, significantly contributed to keeping the oceans cleaner by recycling or reusing 40 million kilos of plastic-- equivalent to two billion plastic bottles. The brand has also funded nearly 380 collection centers across Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. In the UK, it even launched Mr. Muscle in 100% recycled plastic bottles. Having reached its recycled plastic packaging target four years early in 2021, the company now aims to use 25% post-consumer plastic in packaging by 2025.

5)  Use flexible subscriptions to boost loyalty

Offer subscriptions that give the users control - including the ability to pause, cancel, replace selections or even return items. Hooking consumers with a subscription can be a great way to keep their loyalty.

Get ready for your Spring Cleaning Marketing!

Start developing your spring cleaning CPG marketing promotions for a winning season and see more sales promotion examples. Consider the trends and marketing tips above and don’t hesitate to reach out to Snipp to learn how we can help your brand with contests, sweepstakes, promotions or receipt marketing programs. For more details on home cleaning trends and tips, access our Home Cleaning Guide here.