Loyalty Rewards Program for Reckitt - Schiff

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Schiff was looking to launch an exciting loyalty program across all their related vitamin brands as part of their data acquisition and customer retention strategy. They needed a partner that had a strong platform, rewards offering, and the ability to manage complex integrations within the Reckitt Ecosystem.

Reckitt partnered with Snipp to launch Schiff Rewards, a loyalty program where consumers could earn points for all their purchases across any channel (in-store, online, and DTC) and reward them with many different digital rewards and product coupons. Consumers can also earn points through non-purchase actions, and gain status tiers based on different achievements to unlock benefits. Schiff is also leveraging Snipp's segmentation and promotional tools to develop and manage highly relevant offers and promotions. Snipp is integrated with Reckitts CDP, CRM (SFMC), and Shopify.

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