Register to Enter Multi State Sweeps to Drive Engagement Via experiential Rewards for Jim Beam

Jim Beam National Music Private Concert Sweeps 2023 web2


Jim Beam wanted to drive engagement and reward consumers in various states of USA with a chance to win an exciting experiential prize.

Snipp created registration-only sweepstakes targeting consumers from select key states. Participants could simply register through an age and state-gated website. The registration process included custom state and city drop-downs, allowing participants to specify their location accurately. Snipp also conducted the random sweepstakes draws, managed the winner outreach and verification process, and issued $500 digital Uber gift cards to the 8 winners to ensure convenient and hassle-free travel. Rewards included - Eight lucky winners along with plus 21 guests each were VIPs at a private music concert in their city, organized by So-Far sounds.

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