Regional Sweepstakes Programs to Drive Engagement and MLB association for Beam Suntory Hornitos

Hornitos LA Dodgers Shot Sweeps 2023


Beam Suntory Hornitos wanted to reward their consumers in the state of California with exciting MLB prizes while driving their association with MLB.  

Snipp created a state-specific sweepstakes program where consumers from California could enter the contest by registering and writing a message on “What Is Your Shot Worth Taking?”. The Snipp built microsite was age and state gated. Snipp also set up a QR code to drive traffic to the microsite and managed the winner outreach and verification process.  

Rewards included tickets for the LA Dodgers game plus a parking pass, an opportunity to throw out the first pitch at the game, and check for $5,000 and $3,000 respectively. 

Snipp Solutions: Contests & Promotions, Receipt Processing