Meredith and Fila Team Up to Reward Health Conscious Consumers

Situation: Meredith teamed with Fila to offer added value to their health-conscious consumers and increase distribution for their Fitness magazine title. Previously, to validate purchase they would put rebate forms inside of the packaging where possible, and did not have a way to get insight on purchase behavior or spending habits. The process was cumbersome, and there was no contact with the consumer after they mailed in their forms.

Solution: Our SnippCheck solution made the gift-with purchase program digital. Consumers send in the receipt and register to receive their subscription. Consumers received an immediate thank you message confirming they will receive their free year long subscription within 4-6 weeks based on publishing schedules. Fila and Meredith both gained insight into their consumers spending and purchase behavior, and were able to see which retailers gave them results.