Digital Rebate Program to Drive Engagement for Duracell

Duracell - Bitter is Better Rebate web


As part of their mission to help ensure children everywhere are protected, Duracell is encouraging consumers to take the pledge by swapping out the lithium coin batteries in their home with Duracell Lithium Coin Batteries with Bitter Coating. Duracell needed a quick to market fix for their live program to encourage consumers to take a pledge and switch to Duracell Lithium Coin Batteries with Bitter Coating.  

Snipp created a digital rebate offer for Duracell where consumers who purchase a two-pack of Duracell 2032 Lithium coin batteries with non-toxic bitter coating from any retailer can upload their receipt online (integrated via a widget on the client site) to receive money back equal to the amount of qualifying purchase via Venmo, with a cap of $6.99 

Snipp Solutions: Receipt Processing, Snipp Rebates