Sweepstakes Program in Kuwait for United Distinctive Company Kuwait (PepsiCo Snacks Range)

United Distinctive Co Digital Consumer Promotion in Coops Kuwait web


United Distinctive, the official distributor of PepsiCo Snacks Range in Kuwait wanted to incentivize and reward consumers who make purchases of Lays, Doritos, Cheetos and Tasali brands across all Cooperative Societies (Coops).

Snipp created a sweepstakes program where consumers who purchase 2 Multipacks of Lays Dorritos Cheetos or Tasali could upload a picture of their qualifying receipt online to be entered into a draw to win a grand prize of a Chery Alghanim Tigo 2 (procured by Snipp).

SnippCheck validated all the receipts for the promotion and in addition Snipp was commissioned to run a Digital Media campaign on Instagram and YouTube to increase awareness along with a micro-influencer push.

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