Retail Specific Loyalty Rewards Program for Conagra

Conagra Frozen Rewards Club Loyalty at Publix web


Conagra wanted to improve the user experience and acquire more actionable data from this annual three month portfolio program, now in it’s 10th year at Publix.

Conagra tapped Snipp to leverage its CARE platform, where consumers can can get up to five $10 Publix Gift cards for every $30 spent by purchasing participating Conagra frozen products over a three-month period. Consumers submit their receipts by texting in the keyword FROZEN, email to or direct upload at, create an account and track their progress. Conagra digital coupons were offered as a new feature in 2022 through an integration with the platform. Snipp services include voice and email customer service as well as robust reporting via a client dashboard and the ability to track and analyze full basket purchases.

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