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Leveraging Mar-Tech to Drive Enhanced Customer Experience with advanced Personalization & Segmentation

Mario Invernizzi, VP Sales EMEA at Snipp Interactive presented at the Customer Engage Summit in London on "Leveraging Mar-Tech to Drive Enhanced Customer Experience (CX) with advanced Personalization & Segmentation

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  • The paradigm shift in loyalty marketing
    • Move from a  uni-direction / point-centric approach to a member-centric omnichannel approach to customer experience and engagement
    • Today Loyalty programs must put the Member at the center
    • The Brand must show interest in the Member at every occasion, not only when buying (do not treat her/him as a cash machine!)  making her/him understand that she’s/he’s put at the center in order for the Brand to be more contextual and stay relevant 
    • The Brand must create a broader concept of engagement and not just aimed at the collection of transactional points: creating dialogue, two-way interactions and enhance the Member’s sense of belonging to the Brand universe. 
    • This can be done through various ways of gathering behavioral data: surveys, quiz, events, social connection, download content etc.
  • What do todays MEMBERS look for
    • Two major changes in consumer attitude we have noticed is  - a rise Social consciousness (post pandemic) and they seek more and more individuality
    • Brands therefore need to create PERSONALISED AUTHENTIC and FRICTIONLESS Interactions and deliver more personalized experiences.
  • MARTECH for Omnichannel CX & Loyalty
    • TRANSACTION & ENGAGEMENT PROCESSING – To Activate & Validate customers in any channel
    • DATA GRANULARITY – For Deep Drill Segmentation
    • VALUE-EXCHANGE ENGINE – For Behavior-based Earn and burn Mechanisms
    • EXTENSIBILITY / FLEXIBILITY – For Seamless Tech integrations (Receipt / transaction Validation and Rewards)
    • EXTENDED-PERSONALISED DIGITAL REWARDS – to Personalize each member journey