Our market-leading receipt processing technology allows brands to run purchase-based promotions without codes on-pack or any point of sale integration. SnippCheck is key to creating a ‘true single customer view’ for brands and is an integral part of our Universal POS solution.

How it Works

1. User texts in a campaign keyword to get started

2. Takes a picture of receipt (or product, packaging)

3. Multi channel submission (text, email, mobile web, desktop or in-app options)

4. SnippCheck validates purchase(s) / images and determines qualifications based on program rules

5. Multiple rewards options available via SnippRewards

Validates any Purchase or Non-Purchase transaction

Key Features

App-free Solution

Eliminate On-Pack Codes

Fully White-Labeled

Works Across All Retailers

Supports Any Qualification Logic

Pre-integrated with a Variety of Rewards

API to Integrate into Third Party Apps

Sophisticated Fraud Detection

OCR: Optical Character Recognition

Detailed Analytics


SnippCheck supports many different kinds of marketing programs:

Sweepstakes & Contests

Shopper Marketing Executions

Loyalty Programs


Image Validation

Market Research

On-Pack Code Replacement

Retailer-Specific Promotions

SnippCheck Cases

Sweepstakes & Contests



API Integration