Loyalty Rewards Program for Paw Points

Paw Points loyalty web


Snipp has launched a Loyalty Rewards program for Paw Points https://www.pawpointsrewards.com phasing out the codes-on-pack in favor of receipt upload allowing members to earn points on any cat product including litter, food and treats with the goals of:

  • Signing-up more cat owners and drive frequency
  • Understanding the purchase mix and total spend of cat owner’s basket
  • Offering a Seamless CX
  • Enhanced earn and burn options

Using Snipp’s proprietary transaction processing technology as the backbone to validate purchase and non-purchase activities, consumers can now get points on many every day cat purchases by simply uploading their qualifying purchase receipts or by engaging in non-purchase behavior to earn rewards. Program Highlights:

  • Simple tiered point system - 1 point for any cat product, 5x points for Clorox brands
  • Behavior based earning – Referrals, Registration
  • Promotions and Sweeps
  • Extensive Rewards Catalogue - cat themed gifts, product coupons, donate their points to their favorite shelter
  • Snipp is also providing both email and voice customer service for the program

Snipp Solutions :  Receipt Processing, Snipp Loyalty