Trolli Candy EA Games Rewards Program


Trolli is leveraging a custom Snipp Platform branded to Trolli and optimized across our Web Channel with functionality on both tablet & mobile to drive sales, repeat purchase behavior and engage their prime demographic (mom and kids) with compelling rewards at retail. 

Snipp has worked with the brand and agency partners to create a promotion where consumers obtained PIN Codes inside specially marked Trolli packages at any participating stores and were able to use those codes to redeem instant digital rewards. Consumers were able to redeem for EA Mobile Apps including: SIMS, Need for Speed, and many more. Apps were then download directly to a consumers Smart Phone device.

Measured Results: Trolli saw significant repeat purchase behavior as each consumer needed two or more packages to obtain an EA Mobile Application. Majority of users (70%) accessed the site from a mobile device, achieving Trolli’s goal to activate consumers at retail and provide instant rewards.