Playtex® New Bonus Download Promotion


Playtex is leveraging our SnippRewards Platform Web, Mobile & Facebook Channels to connect with existing customers and drive repeat purchases in a fun and engaging way.

Snipp has developed a program with an offer in every specially marked packages of Playtex Gentle Glide 360 and Playtex Sport. Each purchase grants instant digital content rewards like a bonus song, eBook or mobile app, after inputting their unique Pin Code. The platform is brought to life with flash animated landing pages, custom brand playlists, videos and exclusive coupons. Playtex fans can choose from thousands of songs, eBooks and Mobile apps, from super hits like Bruno Mars, to popular games from EA like FIFA ’12.

Measured Results: Record breaking sales lift was achieved, with strong repeat purchase behavior. Successful demographic targeting was realized, with 98% of participants being female, and 61% were aged 18-34.