Sweepstakes Program to Drive Trial and Awareness of Nestle AERO Truffle Tablets

Nestle CA - AERO Bubble to Your Own Beat


Nestle Aero was looking to drive trial and awareness of AERO Truffle Tablets and acquire first party data. They wanted to create a Music themed Aero in-store activation contest, called "Bubble To Your Own Beat". And reward consumers with a variety of music related prizes. The program will be featured on in-store displays, and potentially social media.

Leveraging Snipp's receipt validation technology, Snipp developed a purchase based sweepstakes where consumers who purchased any qualifying AERO products could upload a photo of their receipt and register for the program at English: https://www.madewithnestle.ca/aerobubblebeat, French: https://www.faitavecnestle.ca/aerodecibulles for a chance to win 1 of 100s of prizes including Speakers, Noise-Cancelling headphones, and Spotify premium memberships! Snipp managed all backed aspects of the program including receipt technology, sweepstakes administration, legal rules, and prize fulfillment.

Snipp Solutions : Receipt Processing, Sweepstakes Management