Sweepstakes Program (Receipt API) to Drive Sales for Kellogg’s Pringle MENA

Kelloggs MENA Coco Pops Campaign 5 markets web


Kellogg’s wanted to drive sales and increase customer engagement in 5 countries: Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates 

Snipp integrated our Receipt Validation Technology via an API to power programs across 5 countries in 2 languages (English and Arabic). Leveraging Snipp's receipt validation technology, Kellogg's created an exciting Sweepstakes program where customers can purchase 1 or more qualifying products (Online or In-store), submit the receipt online and get a chance to win prizes from Logitech. 

Program example: https://stage65.pringles.com/menatgaming/sa/en/login.html (English),  https://stage65.pringles.com/menatgaming/sa/ar/login.html  (Arabic) 


Snipp Solutions: Contests & Promotions, Receipt Processing