Oreo uses Image Recognition to create custom tags from Oreo packaging

Campaign 1:
Fans could snipp to receive a Hooded Menace video

Campaign 2:
Fans would receive back a special Valentine's Day message from Oreos

Original Packaging
(image that was stored in the database)

"Real life" snapped photo
(in an unnamed supermarket)

Try it for yourself!

  • Take a photo of the front of any new Oreos package and MMS the photo and the keyword "SNAPP" to 74677 for a special Valentine's day message from Oreo - or just take a photo of the image on this page to try it out! (ATT, Sprint, Verizon only)
  • Alternately, text in the UPC code off the back of the packaging to 76477

Campaign Overview:

  • Using image recognition technology, Oreos fans could take photos of specific Oreos cookie packages and MMS them in to receive back content, coupons etc (for ATT, Sprint, Verizon customers)
  • Users could also text in the UPC code on the back of Oreos packaging to receive the content (for all carriers)
  • Campaigns were promoted on Oreos Facebook page