McCain Foods Family Movie Promotion


McCain Foods is leveraging Snipp's proprietary Movie Viewing Platform technology to create a fully branded and custom platform to drive sales, engage consumers in their home and activate brand preference.

McCain Movie Night allowed consumers to receive a Bonus Digital Movie Rental inside of select pizza packages.They could use their Code to select a movie for a 48 hour rental. We worked with movie studio partner, Warner Bros, to license 25 hit movies, aligned with the McCain Pizza target demographic and offer them to consumers are rewards. Hip Digital Secured marketing pass through rights for movie titles, and Warner Bros logo which McCain leveraged for their supporting marketing initiatives.

Measured Results: During the most competitive period of year McCain invigorated the entire sales channel with this promotion, resulting double digit lift in sales. What is more, McCain was able to secure incremental Point-of-Sale displays, drive repeat purchase behavior and category market share up an impressive amount. Pizza lovers and movie fans were delighted.