Lexus uses Snipp Augmented Reality Solution for Launch of New IS 400

Situation: Lexus was looking for a unique way to showcase the launch of its new IS 400 range. They wanted to highlight the unique interior of the car, as well as all the colors the car was available in.

Solution: Snipp created a special campaign on top of its Augmented Reality app (branded as Snipp Khayal in the Middle East). The AR app was at an exclusive press-only event in Kuwait. At the event, journalists were given phones with Khayal pre-installed and experienced Lexus’ new 2014 IS range. The app displayed an in-phone video and virtually displayed color options, lights and a 360 degree tour of its interior. Snipp Khayal powered a completely unique and virtual experience at the event. Lexus is the first automotive company to launch an AR-driven mobile campaign in Kuwait.

Raed Kaddoura, Account Director at Litmus, said “We were very satisfied and happy with our first Augmented Reality campaign for Lexus. Snipp Khayal helped make our event a very exciting and successful one.”

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