Quantum Rewards Leverages SnippCheck for Madden 25 Promotion at Walmart

Situation: Quantum Rewards was looking for an innovative way to promote the launch of their client, EA Games' new Madden Football Game for the XBox 360 in Walmart stores. The agency and brand wanted to create a promotion whereby they encouraged consumers to purchase the video game product in conjunction with a snack product as well. They also wanted the promotion to be launched nationwide and done without having to integrate into Walmart POS systems which would be too time consuming for the promotion.

Solution: We applied our SnippCheck mobile receipt processing solution to the promotion. Consumers were informed about the promotion using in-store promotions materials. They needed to purchase the video game along with one qualifying snack product to qualify for the contest (participating snack products include Campbell’s® Chunky™ soup, SNICKERS® Brand 6.98 oz. bag or larger, Doritos® Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch 11 oz. Flavored Tortilla Chips, and Pepsi Max® 12 pk.). 

To enter the contest all they needed to do was submit a photo of their receipt showing the qualified purchases. Our SnippCheck solution validated the purchases and once validated, consumers were sent back their Walmart eGift code via text message on their phones.

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