Digitizing the Rebate Process for Duramax

DuraMAX DOLLARS Loyalty Program  web


Duramax wanted to shift from the traditional paper rebates towards digital to reduce volume of mail-in rebates, mitigate manual involvement and reduce fraud numbers while collecting valuable consumer data and owning the relationship with the end consumer
Snipp built the program on our digital rebate platform leveraging our receipt processing technology  to create a centralized hub to host multiple rebates. Consumers simply need to Visit https://duramaxdollars.com/ or text “DuraMAX” to 811811.
Program highlights include 
  • Real-time receipt validation as opposed to waiting 6+ weeks
  • Allow for customizations for value back, retailer/installer specific rebates, tiered reward logic and more
  • Improved user experience by 
    • Adding text message submission, in addition to website, email & mail-in
    • Providing a way to check rebate status
    • Check purchase & redemption history
    • One-time registration

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