Arm & Hammer Launches New Holiday Coupon Using Snipp's Mobile Purchase Validation Solution

Arm & Hammer utilized our newly released Mobile Purchase Validation solution to enable receipt processing technology for this year's annual holiday campaign. When a customer purchased two 1 lb. boxes of ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda they qualified to receive a $10 savings code from 

Unlike previous years, where customers looking to redeem the special offer had to fill up a form, photocopy their receipts and then send in their submissions by mail, this year's program allows them to qualify for the offer using only their mobile phone. No mail, no photocopying, no cutting boxes. And best of all, instead of having to wait six to eight weeks for a response, this year's program delivers the coupon back to them in forty eight hours or less. Full details of the program are available at

In this program, customers need only take a picture of their store receipts and the two packages’ UPC codes (using their mobile phone camera) and send them in for validation by email or messaging (again on their phone). All receipts and proofs of purchase are manually processed by our operations team, and once validated, customers are sent back their savings code via the same means they had submitted their documents (i.e. either by messaging or email).

Our receipt processing technology streamlined stream-lines the entire offer redemption process to help consumers get their savings code faster and easier. Sophisticated fraud detection techniques identify duplicate entries, ensuring that no one can game the system.

Want your $10 savings code with Send in your receipt today through.