Sweepstakes Marketing

Brand Promotions | customer engagement

The Anatomy of a Sweepstakes Promotion (Infographic)

Sweepstakes are the perfect promotion for retailers and brands that want to raise brand awareness, acquire and engage customers, and increase sales.

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Digital Marketing | Sweepstakes Marketing

8 Ways to Use Sweepstakes in Your Marketing Campaigns

Sweepstakes Marketing is a great consumer promotion that engages your loyal customers or drum up awareness with new ones! Since an estimated 55 millio...

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CPG marketing | Shopper Marketing

The Ultimate Snapshot Of Sweepstakes & Contests

Who Participates in Sweeps and Contests? An estimated 55 million Americans enter sweepstakes and contests each year 23% of people who visit brand soci...

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Mobile Marketing | digital engagement

Snipp’s Guide to an Effective and Engaging Digital Sweepstakes Campaign

An estimated 55 million[1] Americans enter sweepstakes and contests each year, making them an essential element of a marketer’s toolbox. And as brands...

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