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Emerging Trends & Strategies for the CPG Food & Confectionery Industries [Infographic]


The CPG food and confectionery sectors are navigating a period of significant transformation driven by evolving consumer preferences, economic shifts, and technological advancements. Delve into the pivotal trends shaping the US and European markets and leverage our suggestions and actionable insights to thrive amidst the competition.

Food trends infographic




  1. THE BETTER-FOR-YOU BOOM : A clear tilt towards health and wellness is emerging, echoing consumers' dual demand for indulgent yet better-for-you products.

  2. GLOBAL STREET FOODS & FLAVOR INNOVATIONS: Nearly half of US consumers express a keen interest in global street foods and the crossover of food service and restaurant brands into the retail CPG space is redefining grocery aisles.

  3. PRIVATE LABEL ASCENDANCE: Private labels are evolving beyond mere alternatives to national brands, adopting strategies that position them as serious competitors in the CPG market.

  4. SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICAL CONSUMPTION:  A significant shift towards ethical consumption and sustainability is reshaping consumer expectations and is driving shoppers to demand more transparency from the brands they support.

  5. SNACKS AS MAINS:  Snacking is increasingly replacing traditional meals, propelled by the demand for convenience and value, particularly among younger generations.


  1. Authenticity and 'New’stalgia: Attempt to strike a balance between introducing innovative offerings while preserving brand familiarity.

  2.  Innovative & Agile Product Development: This is crucial for maintaining relevance and capturing consumer interest, particularly in alignment with health trends.

  3. Enhance Pricing andPromotions with AI: Effective use of AI, big data and machine learning can allow brands to increase marketing ROI and align activations with retailer demands and consumer preferences.

  4. Streamline Digital Engagement and D2C Strategies: Explore Social and D2C platforms to directly engage with customers to foster loyalty, gain actionable insights and compete against private-labels.

  5. CollaborativeMarketing Efforts:  Partnerships between brands, influencers, or other entities, opens new avenues for CPG brands to tap into new demographics, enhance brand perception, and create buzz.

  6. Leverage Social & Media Platforms: Remain authentic and agile and adapt in real-time to leverage the full potential of these channels to engage with consumers, influence  trends, and drive brand awareness.

  7. Elevate Engagement with Unique Experiences: Create emotional bonds and turn consumers into brand advocates. through experiential marketing, interactive content, and innovative uses of products like AR and VR.

  8. Collaborate with Retailers & Delivery Platforms: Leverage each channel's strengths to enhance visibility, facilitate consumer access, & trials and support integrated marketing efforts - offering consumers convenience and personalized interactions.

  9. Align Brand Values and Consumer Expectations: Build stronger and enduring consumer relationships by balancing your brand value proposition with values around sustainability, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility.

  10. Encourage Loyalty via Promotions: Create a sense of belonging and appreciation by providing real value (exclusive and personalized promotions or cash-back rewards) to consumers navigating global inflation.

As brands strive to remain competitive and relevant, the ability to adapt to these changes has never been more critical. Contact us to know how our best-in-class promotions and loyalty solutions can help to drive sales and engage your customers.

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