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THE ROI ON RECEIPTS – 10 Brand Objectives You Can Achieve With Receipt Programs

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THE ROI ON RECEIPTS – 10 Brand Objectives You Can Achieve With Receipt Programs

Feeling boxed in by your marketing strategy? It’s time to rethink the power of the receipt!

Receipt-based purchase programs have proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools, since they allow you to link your promotions to actual purchases, thereby ensuring a positive return on investment (ROI). Receipt-based programs offer other clear benefits, namely: ease of setup, customization and tear down; ease of use for the consumer; cost-effectiveness; and a wealth of data. Moreover, receipt-based programs can help brand managers achieve a myriad of brand objectives that are challenging to achieve with other  promotion strategies.

Here are some innovative receipt-based marketing strategies brands can adopt to drive specific and quantifiable outcomes.


Brand Objective

Snipp Solution 


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#1 Sales Lift

• All Purchase Based Programs


#2 Retailer Support 

• Retailer specific execution of any/all solutions


#3  Consumer Insights & CRM  • Text-to-Win / Sample
• Rebate
• Purchase-based Sweepstakes / Contests
• Continuity / Loyalty programs
#4  Frequency / Incremental Volume • Continuity programs 4
#5  Loyalty / Repeat Purchase  • Loyalty programs Leading CPG Brand
#6 Engagement & Awareness  • Text-to-Win / Sample
• Purchase-based Sweepstakes / Contests
#7  Cross Brand Purchase / Share of Basket  • Tiered Rebates / Sweepstakes / Contests
• Coupon offers
• Continuity / Loyalty programs
#8  Trade Promotion • Continuity programs
• Purchase-based Sweepstakes / Contests
#9 Mail-in Replacement

• Rebates
• Purchase-based Sweepstakes / Contests
• Continuity programs


#10 ‘Pop Ups’ for Targeted Behaviors  • All programs with specific duration, targeted to specific objectives 10

Receipt-based programs are a great asset for marketers who are keen to meet ROI objectives. With the tremendous data generated by receipt-based programs, marketers can easily measure the success of their promotions and target the intended audiences. Promotions run with receipt processing engines such as SnippCheck are quickly and seamlessly deployable and very flexible in operation, eliminating the costs and inefficiencies associated with alternate options, such as code on-pack.

ROI Checklist

3 Key Program Drivers to Consider When Creating a Successful Promotion

1. Marketing Reach & Relevance

  • Amplify your audience through distribution partners (i.e Crisp Media, SessionM, RevTrax).
  • Use customer data to provide hyper relevant offers based on location, context, demographic and purchase history.
  • Offer shoppers a white-labeled branded experience to strengthen your brand marketing and garner loyalty.
  • Enable shoppers to participate in promotions on their mobile devices while in-store, encouraging spontaneous purchase.

2. Rewards

  • Value-added rewards are key: shoppers are attracted to rewards with high perceived value to their everyday lifestyles, while maintaining low cost for brands.
  • Rewards must be relevant to the consumer and their purchasing habits (e.g. a promotion targeted to shopper moms offering a women’s magazine subscription as a reward).

3. Participation Threshold

  • Your program must minimize friction; shoppers should get their reward as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Complicated entry and redemption methods can both pose barriers to entry which can thereby limit participation. In receipt programs, consumers submit a photo of their receipt by using their mobile phone camera and SMS/email apps. The reward redemption can be as simple as an instant download.



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