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Clock icon 2 min read Calendar icon Feb 28, 2017

The Complete Checklist for a Successful Rebates Program


Rebates are a tried and true tool for marketers looking to engage consumers and drive the bottom line. 

Since going digital, the rebates experience has done a 180-degree transformation in terms of the accessibility and improved experience for both the brands that offer the rebates and the consumers who redeem them.

However, navigating this new world of digital rebates can prove challenging for marketers looking to re-vamp their brand’s rebates program.

What you need is a simple rebates program checklist to help you navigate the pitfalls. So, we created one!

Your Complete Rebates Program Checklist

Before you start a rebates program, ask yourself: can it:

  1. Be completed by the consumer in less than 5 minutes using a mobile device?
  2. Be set up and fully operational quickly?
  3. Help me save on hiring, training, and operational costs?
  4. Provide me with actionable data insights on my consumer’s basket size, tastes, and preferences?
  5. Minimize negative consumer sentiment caused by delays in processing rebates, denied rebate claims, and lack of timely communication?
  6. Send instant SMS and email messages to my customers when their rebate materials have been received, processed, and dispatched?
  7. Feed people directly into my loyalty program?
  8. Let my customers choose their preferred redemption method, including mobile wallets, in-store gift cards, cash-to-card, and PayPal?
  9. Allow me to simultaneously create and monitor multiple offers across geographies, brands, models, and time spans?
  10. Help my sales and marketing teams create more personalized offers in the future?

Simpler, Smarter, and Superior Digital Rebates Programs

Looking to run a digital rebate program? 

Visit us at our digital rebates page or contact us to learn more about the SnippRebates rebate management software and Snipp RebatesCenter.