Tiered Rewards GWP Program to Drive Volume and Sales for Maple Leaf Foods Top Dogs

Hatchery Marketing Maple Leaf Top Dogs Promotion web


Maple Leaf was looking to drive volume and sales for Top Dogs over the course of the summer by creating an exciting promotion where the more consumers buy, the more rewards the earn!

Snipp developed an exciting tiered rewards  GWP promotion where consumers could earn rewards all summer for purchasing participating Top Dogs products! Consumers who spent various amounts on Top Dogs products and uploaded their receipts to the program microsite - English https://www.mapleleaf.ca/promotions/, French -  https://www.mapleleaf.ca/fr/promotions/  could earn cash back in the form of retailer gift cards based on the different tier thresholds they hit (Spend $12 get $5, Spend $20 get $10, Spend $30 get $15, Spend $50 get $30). At any point during the program, consumers could decide to "cash out" at their balance and have the retailer gift cards they chose sent to them. If the consumer reached the top tier, they were automatically cashed out. Consumers could also track their progress as well as the total amount they have earned on the program microsite.  Snipp also sent out email campaigns each month to remind consumers to re-engage in the program to keep spending.

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