Sweepstakes Program to Drive Sales and Engagement For GSK Flonase

GSK Flonase Face Your Monster Sweepstakes web


Allergies don’t have to be scary! GSK Flonase is creating a unique way for Customers to get ready for Allergy season and not be afraid to stop and smell the flowers. They are having customers customize an Allergy Monster based on their  unique allergies and symptoms. They needed a mar-tech partner to help bring this program to market.

Snipp is providing 2 solutions to help power this promotion - a receipt API with Flonase.com and Shoppable  to collect customer data, as well as receipt validation to help determine the Grand Sweepstakes Prize winner + 300 other prizes. Consumers get a valid sweeps entry every time they submit an order on Flonase.com via ShoppableIn addition, after consumers create their Monster, they can share it on Social in augmented reality!

Snipp Solutions : Snipp Contests & Promotions, Receipt Processing