Retail Specific Punch Card Promotion to Drive Cross Portfolio Sales for Quaker

Allionce Group Quaker Kroger Zoo GWP Reward web


Allionce Media and Quaker wanted a way to incentivize purchase of Quaker Chewy Sloth-Tastic and/or Llama-Rama granola bars in Kroger as well as make a connection with local Zoo ticket purchase. Quaker was looking to reward consumers for purchasing both.

Snipp developed a digital punch card program where consumers who purchase two Quaker Chewy Sloth-Tastic and/or Llama-Rama granola bars at Kroger, scan a QR Code which opens to the Snipp built, Quaker branded microsite to upload their receipt and register for the program. In a separate transaction consumers purchase a ticket to their local zoo and upload their zoo receipt on the promotional microsite. Snipp validates both the Kroger and the Zoo receipt on our transaction processing system and sends the consumer their reward of $5 eVisa reward.

Snipp Solutions : Receipt Processing, Snipp Contests & Promotions