Receipt & Rewards API Integration to Enhance the Loyalty Program for Sparkling Ice

Sparkling Ice Receipt and Rewards API web


Sparkling ICE was looking to revamp their loyalty program (Sparkling ICE Rewards) and was looking for a partner to replace their current receipt validation solution to provide a better user experience, accurately process receipts, and provide better reporting and data options. In addition, they wanted amplify their reward strategy and offer more choice and options to their loyalty members.

Sparkling ICE leveraged Snipp's receipt validation technology and to seamlessly integrate into their loyalty program - Sparkling ICE Rewards - to offer an enhanced CX and reward consumers for every Sparkling ICE product purchase in-store or online in the US. Snipp's Rewards API was also integrated into the program to offer hundreds of digital rewards from Snipp's extensive catalog and partnerships to offer the best possible options to their consumers.Sparkling ICE can access incredible purchase data, as well as access to Snipp's live reporting dashboards.

Snipp Solutions: Receipt Processing Platform, Customer Rewards Platform