Punch Card Loyalty Program App for Hagen

Hagen Punch Card Loyalty Program App web


Hagen wanted to drive loyalty & basket across a wide portfolio of pet food in Canada. Some of their brands had paper-based frequent buyer programs at independent retailers that were outdated and had an arduous customer journey for pet parents and retailers.

Snipp created a Punch-Card Loyalty Mobile App where customers could take photos of receipts from purchases of participating products from any retailer to earn punches.
The Mobile App contained 6 separate Punch-Cards, relating to the six brands participating in the program.
Customers earned punches in the respective brand’s Punch-Card based on the products purchased.
Each Punch-Card has their own Punch-Card currency and once the Punch-Card was completed, they earned a coupon for a free bag of pet food.

Snipp Solutions :  Snipp Loyalty, Receipt Processing