Enhancing the Rebate Process for Pernod Ricard - Chivas


Pernod Ricard wanted to encourage purchase of any 1 (one) 750 ml or larger bottle of Chivas® plus any non-alcoholic mixer in a single transaction.

Snipp developed a rebate solution for Pernod Ricard to feature their branded rebates in a centralized digital rebate center. To participate, consumers simply upload their receipts via email, at Redeem@rebates.chivas.com, via text to 811-811 using the keyword CHIVASMIXER, or via web upload at www.rebates.chivas.com, and upon validation of their qualifying purchase, receive their rebate via check or PayPal (consumer’s choice). The advantage for Pernod Ricard is a simplified rebate set up process from one central location for all of their brands.