LEDER & SCHUH Giftcard and Loyalty Platform

Snipp has launched a new gift-card and loyalty platform for the LEDER & SCHUH Group.  This is the first implementation of Snipp’s new SnippLoyalty platform, the customer loyalty platform that Snipp had purchased from Swiss Post Solutions in February 2015.

The LEDER & SCHUH Group is one of Europe's largest shoe retailers, generates over €500 million in revenues and employs over 3,500 people in more than 340 locations. The company has a presence across 10 countries across Central and Eastern Europe including Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and owns four different brands including Humanic, Jello, Shoe4You and Stiefelkönig

The implementation was designed to support multiple currency, brand, regulatory and language requirements specific to the company. Program members who make a purchase abroad will earn a bonus in their local currency. The SnippLoyalty back-office administration platform and the customer facing member portals support 10 different languages to ensure that administrators and members are able to interact with the program in their local languages. Further, the SnippLoyalty promotion and voucher engine is also able to handle the various financial restrictions specific to each country the program is deployed in.

The first phase of the platform implementation had focused on the launch of gift-cards for all LEDER & SCHUH brands, starting with Austria in July 2014 and rolling out to more countries since. In February 2015, the existing loyalty platform of Stiefelkönig was replaced with the new SnippLoyalty solution.