Integrating Beacon Technologies to Meet Objectives for Georgia Pacific

Georgia-Pacific wanted to break into the realm of Beacon technologies to drive key objectives for their Dixie Ultra product: Track consumer registrations and receipt submissions, Promote specific retailers to different markets and Drive sales

 Snipp created a custom rebate program that offered cash-back for consumers who purchase Dixie Ultra paper plates. The value of the rebate depends on the retailer – if consumers shop at Walmart or Target stores, they earn $1; if at Coscto or BJ’s, they earn $1.50. When a user visits a store, they receive a beacon message from an inMarket app, with a message containing a link to the program. The store they are visiting dictates which program they can enter based on the link the beacon technology returns: if at Walmart or Target, the consumer can enter at, and if at Costco or BJ’s the consumer can enter at Submission is as simple registering, and then uploading a purchase receipt to the microsite. The reward is delivered via PayPal.