Improved CX for Reckitt Enfamil Loyalty Program - Mexico

 Reckitt Benckiser Loyalty Enfarewards Mexico web


Reckitt was looking to improve their current loyalty program in Mexico by adding more functionally, rewards, and experiences to their consumers to increase engagement, lifetime value, and data acquisition from the program. Previously all receipts were processed manually, with limited data.

Snipp implemented our loyalty/C.A.R.E (Customer, Acquisition, Retention & Engagement) platform to amplify their loyalty program by leveraging new functionality including promotions, segmentation, rewards, and non-purchase earning activities. Reckitt is also now leveraging Snipp’s receipt processing engine to scale the program and get an incredible amount of purchase data. Snipp has also integrated into the Reckitt App, Shopify eCom Store, CDP, and CRM.

Snipp Solutions : Receipt Processing, Snipp Loyalty