Iams Walmart Retargeting Promotion


Iams has launched a re-targeting program on the SnippCheck platform to incentivize purchase of its pet food at Walmart.

Consumers who purchase any pack of Iams pet food at Walmart can snap and send in a picture of their receipt by texting the keyword DOGBOWL to 811-811, by email to redeem@iamsrewards.com, or via web upload. SnippCheck receipt processing engine will process all receipts and post validation the consumer will receive a travel pet bowl. 

In addition, these shoppers will be re-targeted within 2 or 4 weeks of their submission date and sent an email with a digital coupon prompting them to use it on their next Iams product purchase at Walmart.

The program will run from September 15, 2015 through October 31, 2015.