GUINNESS® Black Lager Instant Win Sweepstakes

Situation: Guinness wanted to create an Instant Win sweepstakes rewarding customers that purchased Guinness Black Lager, as well as strengthen affiliation of Guinness Black Lager with music and music events. As part of the contest, they needed a way to age-gate participants and to verify that multiple parties would not be able to use the same code.

Solution: We created a mobile sweepstakes program where consumers can participate completely on their phones. Along with their promotions agency, Colangelo, we used our SnippWin contest platform to incorporate all required contest rules while also making it a simple user experience for participants. To enter, users must text in the Game Codes that appear on specially marked Guinness Black Lager 6-pack and 12-pack cases to 76477. They are notified immediately whether they have won and are then provided a discount code to be used on the Ticketmaster website to claim their reward. If they do not win immediately, consumers can keep trying by re-entering their Game Code on subsequent days. Those winning prizes of $50 or more are also required to submit a photo ID by text message to claim their prize. The contest was launched on September 1st and ran through December 31st, 2013.

The entire contest was powered using SnippWin, our mobile contest platform, which was able to handle all of the various business rules required by the program including:

  • Each code could be utilized multiple times on subsequent days until the participant won a prize
  • Each participant could only win one time
  • Once a code is redeemed for a prize it could not be reused
  • Age verification for all participants
  • Strong age verification for those who have won $50 or greater prizes, where they needed to submit a photo ID by text message
  • Fraud detection measures to ensure the above rules would not be violated, while still making the program easy to use