Driving Retail Specific Sales Lift for Sparkling Ice – Jewel Osco

Sparkling Ice needed a way to drive sales at their Jewel Osco retail channel. Jewel Osco is continually looking for value add opportunities to help with sell in of POS display at shelf.

Snipp established a digitized rebate program on our rebate center that rewards Sparkling Ice consumers at Jewel Osco with Visa e-Gift Cards. To earn a $5 Visa e-Gift card, consumers can purchase qualifying Sparkling Ice products at Jewel Osco in-store locations, and then register on a custom branded rebate portal. After registration, they can submit their receipt to prove purchase and earn their reward. Program entry is facilitated by text, email, or web upload. Consumers can text JewelOsco to 811-811; email JewelOsco@siptosavings.com; or online https://siptosavings.com/detail?code=JewelOsco

This is the 8th program on our rebate center this year for Sparkling Ice.