Driving Retail Specific Product Sales and Display for Novamex Jarritos

Novamex Treat yourself from Jarritos sweepstakes web


Jarritos wanted to drive sales and secure incremental display in hundreds of specific stores across the continental U.S. They also wanted to offer up a program where they could offer up a winner from each of those stores.
Snipp designed a sweepstakes that was simple for consumers to enter in by submitting a receipt from the purchase of any Jarritos product. Consumers could submit their receipt by texting in the keyword JARRITOS , via email to submit@jarritospromo.com, via a digital AMOE or online at https://jarritospromo.com. The backend sweepstakes draw process and system were quite complex (724 draws to pull one winner from each of the store locations provided as well as 1 additional miscellaneous draw for the rest of the receipts) to award prizes for each store as well as taking into consideration the legal requirement for an alternate method of entry without purchase.