Driving In-store Display, Engagement and Sales for Beam Suntory - Pinnacle Vodka

Jim Beam Brands Pinnacle Perfect Patio VA web


Beam Suntory wanted to drive sales and brand preference for Pinnacle Vodka throughout Virginia ABC stores.

Snipp built an engagement sweepstakes around entertaining at home (as many bars are still closed, people are entertaining more at home)  by offering a prize of a patio makeover. The “Pinnacle Perfect Patio” in-store advertising reflected some of Pinnacle Vodka’s 30 flavors and favorite cocktails. Virgina consumers could simply text PINNACLE  to 811-811 and receive a link to the Snipp created age and state gated microsite to enter the sweepstakes. Snipp administered the Sweepstakes end to end. Incremental displays, used to drive sales, were secured throughout Virginia ABC stores.

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