Digital Rebate Program to Drive Sales for Mars - Eukanuba

Mars Petcare - Eukanuba Promotion web


Eukanuba was looking to increase sales as well as promote their partnership with onX Hunt. Eukanuba, being a premium brand, has never done discounting, and needed a way to add value to consumers. 

Snipp developed a digital incentive rebate program for Eukanuba. Consumers who purchase any bag of Eukanuba dog food can upload their receipt online at (integrated into the client's website via an iframe) to get a rebate of their choice of PayPal or Digital Visa as well as a 3-month free trial to onX Hunt. Consumers receive a $25 rebate (for the purchase of 28 LB bag of Eukanuba) or a $15 rebate (for the purchase of a 14 LB bag of Eukanuba). The program enabled Eukanuba to gain access to an incredible amount of consumer purchase data. 

Snipp Solutions: Snipp Rebates, Receipt Processing