Digital PunchCard Promotion to drive Holiday Season Portfolio Sales for Tillamook

Tillamook Portfolio Publix Phase2 Refresh web


Tillamook wanted to drive sales for their newly expanded portfolio at Publix stores during the holiday shopping season. Tillamook also wanted to learn more about other items purchased during the shopping trip.

Tillamook leveraged Snipp’s frequency building digital punch card solution to develop a sales promotion where consumers could earn a $5 Publix Gift Card with a $20 spend on key Tillamook products. Consumers could earn in one or multiple shopping trips by sharing their receipts ( by texting the keyword CHEESE to 811811, via email to or online via web. The client leveraged key learnings from the first flight to improve on the second campaign. During the receipt validation process, Snipp also is gathering data on other items in the basket to present brand and category affinities in a supplemental report.

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